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montaje presentacion2 [vertical]I still remember my first soap and I feel, as if it were today, the feeling of have created something magical. Over the years the illusion when I perform each of the bars is stil with me and with the same enthusiasm I have wanted to prepare this course which, I’m sure, will save you from many headaches.

You will learn to calculate formulas, managing additives, fragrances, essential oils, etc.., everything you need to master the cold saponification process.

The course contains 26 modules, an ongoing process that includes formulation, techniques and manufacturing processes, as well as charts to help you with the use of additives, oils and plants.

When you finish the course, you will recognize the performing technique of many soaps, until now, seemed you “a mystery.”

Acquiring the password you will be able to access to the course from your computer, indefinitely. It has been prepared in order to check the charts and modules at any time, as if it were a notebook … the recommended amounts and the application of the oils always handy for you.

It only remains to say that the course fee is 115 €. Payment is made, securely, through PayPal. You can do it clicking HERE.

Take a look now, if you have not done it already, the documentation section. There you will see the course´s chats of information and may consult ” Oils Composition”

In the content area you will see the course modules and their description. There you have access to the module “Introduction.”

Through the application form you will be able to solve the questions you may have while learning. I’ll be waiting you.

Greetings, Maku
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